AllorA AP900 Polish & Wax compound

AllorA AP900 Polish & Wax compound
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The Allora AP900 Polish & Wax is a professional product made with natural wax and polymer care... more
Product information "AllorA AP900 Polish & Wax compound"

The Allora AP900 Polish & Wax is a professional product made with natural wax and polymer care components. This high-quality sealant builds up a natural protective film on all metallic paints and solid colour paints with clear coat and creates a high-gloss shine. The result is a brilliant, streak-free deep shine without hazing, as any directed light is reflected without scatter.

Area of application:

Allora AP900 Polish & Wax can be used on older, well-maintained paint coats, as well as on new coats. As a deep shine finish, AllorA Polish & Wax can be used on any solvent or water-based standard or metallic paints on the market.

Suitable for end consumers and professional users looking for an easy to work, high-gloss polish that also cares for preserve the paint coat to save time and effort. Can be used for a machine-based high-gloss finish for spot repairs that were pretreated with AllorA AP800 Quattro.

Best results are achieved in combination with a dual action polishing machine and a soft foam pad at medium motion of the dual action polishing machine.


Wash the vehicle with plenty of AllorA AR200 Multi Clean and clean water before polishing. Then rinse and dry. Do not apply AllorA Polish & Wax in direct sunlight or on a hot paint coat. Shake well before use!

Treat the vehicle area in (not too large) sections. Use a sponge or soft foam pad to spread a sufficient amount of compound thinly and evenly onto the vehicle exterior. We recommend using a lint-free microfibre cloth to buff the applied product to a high-gloss.

Make sure to turn the cloth and use a fresh one as needed to avoid clouding and streaks. An even better result will be achieved when using a dual action polishing machine for a universally thin application. Compound residue on plastic and rubber parts can be removed with AllorA AP700 plastic dressing or AllorA AR200 Multi Clean.

Contains 2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one, 1,2-benzisothiazolin-3-one. May cause
allergic reactions.

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EUH-Sätze EUH208: Contains . May produce an allergic reaction.